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A Short History of Our Extermination Company

EXTERMINATION INSPEX INC. is a Montreal extermination company based in the West Island. Established in 2006, our company was born with the merging of two leaders in the field of residential and commercial extermination. Jean-Pierre Lamy, a founder of the well-known extermination company TRANS-CITY, and Kevin McDonald, a founder of the extermination enterprise SERVICES EX-TRA, combined their forces and expertise to form EXTERMINATION INSPEX, which profits from their accumulated pest-control experience of 45 years and 25 years, respectively!

Our extermination company has more than 7 technicians on the road during the summer months, covering Greater Montreal. Each has a different specialization.

Our exterminators can also count on the support of a competent and efficient administrative team.

Extermination Inspex

An Extermination Company Offering Its Services to a Varied Clientele

EXTERMINATION INSPEX offers its extermination services to the following clientele:

Residential extermination (private homes, apartment buildings, and condos)
Commercial extermination (hotels, restaurants, retail stores, etc.)
Industrial extermination (food industry, pharmaceutical sector, manufacturing enterprises, etc.)
Institutional extermination (organizations, municipalities, corporations, hospitals, universities, etc.)

For all types of customers, we offer monthly prevention services as well as exterior treatments (exterior structures of properties or buildings).

Our extermination company employs a team of certified exterminators who cover Greater Montreal, including the West Island, Beaconsfield, and Dorval.

Extermination Inspex

The Advantages of Doing Business with Our Extermination Company

Here are the benefits to you of dealing with the extermination company EXTERMINATION INSPEX:

45 years experience in pest control
CERTIFIED technicians
Written guarantees
Excellent prices
Fast, efficient, and personalized service
Free estimates
Emergency services 24/24
Full reports

Extermination Inspex

West Island, Dorval, and Beaconsfield: Contact the Extermination Company INSPEX

Contact our extermination company to benefit from personalized service and an efficient and permanent extermination. Our technicians will answer all your questions and offer you a free estimate. EXTERMINATION INSPEX covers GREATER MONTRÉAL, including the West Island, Beaconsfield, and Dorval.


Extermination Inspex, based in the West Island and operating in all of Greater Montreal, provides a quality service that will solve your pest problem efficiently and permanently.

Extermination of

Carpenter Ant

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Bed bug

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Mouse and rat

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