Don't let rats or mice invade your home or your business: they carry diseases!

Rat and Mouse Extermination

The West Island and Greater Montreal have less rodent infestation than most highly populated areas, and we are proud to say that we played a major role in their decline. Because rodents carry germs, viruses, and diseases that spread to humans, it is essential to keep them away from private residences, as well as commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.

There are a number of effective methods to exterminate rats and mice from residential, commercial, and institutional settings. At EXTERMINATION INSPEX, our certified technicians know these methods and can offer you a fast and safe extermination of rats or mice.

At the first sign of a rat or mouse, call us for a free estimate. A single rat or mouse can signal the presence of a nest containing dozens of babies, which will, in turn, reproduce very quickly! Protect the health of your loved ones by engaging certified professionals to quickly exterminate rats or mice.

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Rats and Mice: The Importance of Exterminating Them Quickly

Mice carry germs and viruses that can be transmitted to humans. As mice multiply quickly, it is important to act without delay to ensure their extermination.

Females have between 6 and 10 litters every year (each comprising between 5 to 10 babies!) and each mouse has a lifespan of about one year. If you hear scratching and movement inside your walls or above the ceiling, it could mean that the infestation has already begun. You might also discover holes in the walls, feces, or the smell of urine.

Rats are bigger than mice, weighing up to one pound. In Quebec, the Norway rat is the most common species. They construct complex networks of tunnels in the ground and prefer damp areas (crawlspaces, the perimeters of houses and buildings). Rats multiply quickly: females have about 4 litters a year, with 5 or 6 babies each time. In addition, they carry diseases. It is therefore important to act quickly to ensure their extermination before you face a full rat infestation.

Like mice, rats can cause damage to homes and buildings. In addition to gnawing everything in their way (including electrical cables), both rodents leave their droppings and urine everywhere (under the floor, in gables, in the attic, and inside the walls). Consequently, they are a clear nuisance in our homes.

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Rat and Mouse Extermination: Our Non-Residential Clientele

For businesses (restaurants, hotels, and others) as well as for institutional and industrial settings, we are able to perform the work of exterminating rats or mice discreetly, quickly, and permanently. After our intervention, your business, building, or industry will have been completely cleared of mice or rats that had taken up residence!

Rat and Mouse Extermination: West Island, Dorval and Beaconsfield

Contact the certified technicians at EXTERMINATION INSPEX for the residential (houses or apartment buildings), commercial, institutional, or industrial extermination of rats and mice. Our technicians cover the West Island, Dorval, Beaconsfield and GREATER MONTRÉAL. We will be happy to explain our rat and mouse extermination methods with you and offer a free estimate. 24 hr emergency service.


Extermination Inspex, based in the West Island and operating in all of Greater Montreal, provides a quality service that will solve your pest problem efficiently and permanently.

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