Privacy Policy

Our company does not disclose, sell, rent or transfer any personal information to anyone or third parties. We do not collect sensitive data. The data collected is used for Google Analytics to locate a user and their time spent on the website. The personal information collected is obtained when a form has been completed. They are kept in a secure environment and are then destroyed within a reasonable time. For the purposes of this policy, “personal information” means any information relating to a natural person and which allows this person to be identified.

This policy focuses on the clauses that have been adopted in the private sector to govern the collection, maintenance, use, disclosure and destruction of personal information. The rules were designed to balance the privacy rights of individuals with respect to their personal information and the needs to collect, use or disclose such information in connection with its commercial activities.

People working for our company are required to respect the confidentiality of your information. We have designated a responsible person within our company for the protection of personal information. At each stage of the management of the personal information we hold, we ensure that we obtain the consent of the person concerned. This consent must be manifest, free, informed and given for particular purposes, and it is only valid for the duration of time necessary to achieve the objective for which it was requested. For any questions or changes to your personal information, please contact our responsible person in writing at the email address:

We undertake to recognize a right of access and rectification to those concerned wishing to consult, modify or even delete information concerning them. The exercise of this right will be done by sending us an email to the following address:

This policy has been drafted to meet the requirements of the relevant clauses of the statutes which govern the protection of personal information and confidentiality.

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Emergency services: 24hr/24

For emergencies outside of business hours:


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