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Certified, Experienced, and Environmentally-Conscious Exterminator

EXTERMINATION INSPEX INC. is an exterminator based in the West Island, in Montreal. Our exterminator technicians are highly trained and comply with governmental standards; our company is certified by Quebec's Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Fight Against Climate Change. Moreover, EXTERMINATION INSPEX is a member in good standing of the following associations:

Association québécoise de gestion parasitaire
Canadian Pest Management Association
National Pest Management Association

In addition, our team of exterminator-technicians stay abreast of the latest technologies and techniques regarding the extermination and prevention of insect and rodent infestations, which is why we undergo continuous training with Quebec's association of pest management (AQGP). Our new technicians also benefit from in-house training offered by our experienced exterminators.

Having successfully completed hundreds of extermination contracts, our team uses tried-and-true methods. Moreover, as an exterminator that cares about the environment, EXTERMINATION INSPEX adheres to the principles underlying Integrated Pest Management: a moderate use of pesticides in combination with various other strategies to combat and prevent the emergence of insects or undesirable vermin.

Extermination Inspex

EXTERMINATION INSPEX: An Experienced Exterminator with a Proven Track Record

Does any other exterminator offer you so much? Here are the benefits that EXTERMINATION INSPEX offers you:

45 years of experience in pest control
CERTIFIED technicians
Written guarantees
Great prices
Fast, efficient, and personalized service
Free estimates
Emergency Services 24/24

After each extermination, your INSPEX exterminator provides you with a full report describing the work performed, the products used, as well as the current state of your house or business in regards to de-infestation. Also, your exterminator will share his recommendations and prevention tips on how to prevent an infestation from recurring.

Extermination Inspex

EXTERMINATION INSPEX : Exterminator in Beaconsfield, Dorval, and the West Island

For fast, efficient, and affordable work, contact an experienced and proven exterminator. For residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional exterminations, EXTERMINATION INSPEX covers GREATER MONTREAL, including the West Island, Dorval, and Beaconsfield.

We also offer monthly prevention services as well as exterior treatments (exterior structures of properties or buildings).


Extermination Inspex, based in the West Island and operating in all of Greater Montreal, provides a quality service that will solve your pest problem efficiently and permanently.

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